Manifesting What You Want


During finals week in college, the student council hosted "study breaks."  They were scheduled activities meant to entertain students and take their minds off the task at hand for a small amount of time. My junior year, the entertainer was some kind of mind reader.  The details elude me now, but the premise of the evening was to write a question on a notecard, put it in his jar and then he would pull out a card at random and give the recipient information without reading the question.  This was my first experience with the divine.  While it was meant to be entertaining, I knew he couldn't possibly know the information he was reciting without some type of intervention. It wasn't magic; some slight of hand.  It had to be the universe, and I was totally enthralled.  

Long story short, more than anything, I wanted him to call my name.  While writing my name and question on my card I concentrated intensely, and then, I pleaded.  I was pleading for God to give me a chance and pull my name from the pot.  I spent my time visualizing how I wrote my name on the card; the particular care in the A of Abby, and the color of the ink.  I envisioned how much it filled up the page, and how I folded the notecard.  Fifteen minutes went by and then thirty.  I was starting to fear that he would never draw my card.  I took a breath, refocused on what my card looked like and pleaded internally even more. The next card he drew was mine. 

He called my name and I could barely refrain myself from the excitement that I had some how willed this to happen.  He proceeded to do his "magic" and answer my question, which is irrelevant at this point in my life, but the lesson remains very clear.

When I am intentional about what I want and I believe in it wholeheartedly (less pleading, more believing), I will make it come true.  This has happened to me many times since that night. When I need to be reminded, I test the waters with some type of drawing contest. Jump forward to last week when cc and I were at the club for dinner.  We put our names in the pot for a chance to win a spin on the wheel of wonder. Again, I visualized my name, the black ink, how it looked on the paper, and stayed focused on that while the presenter was pulling a name.  I didn't doubt it. There were no self destructive thoughts of "I'm never going to win, or he won't draw my name..."  I was simply calm and visualizing.  Then, just like that, he pulled my paper and called my name.  My spin revealed the tennis hat I’m showing off above, but that wasn't the true gift.  The win was was the reminder that I have the power to manifest anything my heart desires. 

It's time to start thinking bigger.  I have bigger dreams, for example, than taking a spin around the wheel of wonder, but I am so grateful the universe reminded me that I have the power to conjure up anything.  I seem to have forgotten that as of late.   

What are you waiting for?  The universe gifts us all if we ask. Spend some time dreaming and scheming. Then make a vision board* or write/draw in a journal.  Get very clear about what your dreams look like. Meditate on that visual, believe wholeheartedly that it can be yours and then patiently wait for the universe to drop it into your lap.  Because I guarantee it will happen and you will be just as giddy as I was all those years ago. 

*…thinking about leading a vision board workshop. Interested? Let me know.