A common theme among my clients is that they live in the shallows.  Most of our time is spent reacting to experiences and creating limiting beliefs about the thoughts that follow.  With this externally focused practice we tend to lose our self awareness. I believe in living an indigo life that is rich, abundant and wild, and I help you find that by focusing on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects in your life.

During coaching sessions the you and I dig deep as we look at those limiting beliefs and free you from your own self-induced captivity. Being free means being happier, more grateful, productive, creative, and in flow with your true self.

What we focus on grows, and I will help you exchange an external, reactive focus for an internal, self-aware focus.  The ultimate goal is to get you out of the shallows and into deeper living using mind-body tools that bring the answers already inside of you to the surface. 

My coaching practice is influenced by many modalities, but first and foremost by nature.  Our outdoor world is healing and provides an awareness of self, holds purpose, and has cleansing properties.  This natural approach provides the calm and safety in an unplugged environment in order for you to connect with your intuition.  I use the same fundamental and instinctual methods that have influenced and helped people thrive for centuries.

I utilize the teachings of a few of these great scholars: Martha Beck, David Berceli, Steven Hays, Eckhart Tolle, and Brené Brown. 

Isn't it time to start living your rich, abundant and wild life?

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.”

Brené Brown

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Abby Cameron is a life coach trained by Martha Beck, Inc.  She has a degree in Psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University.  Her experience includes teaching in a traditional school setting as well as outdoor education in the natural environment. Working in the non-profit realm she was a program director leading staff and guiding programs to their full potential.  She also owns a manufacturing and fireworks business with her wife. Most recently, she is momma to a son.

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