What is it?

An annual project during the month of November where you create a dedicated space (a tree) to encrouage the habit of practicing gratitude and welcome in the season of thanksgiving. The project is open to all.

How Does it Work?

The proess is easy. Commit to creating a habit of gratitude. Find a tree, either living or one you make (scroll down for a link to examples), purchase your supplies, and start giving thanks. Encourage your neighbors, family and friends to join in!


Signage is important in your project. You want to invite others to participate. Vistaprint makes great yard signs and banners. A piece of cardboard and some good old fashioned handwriting works just as well.

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Disclosure:  I do not receive any money or products if you purchase these items.  This project is intended to promote gratitude and encourage community.  I am simply the guide to make it easier and this list is an example of that.  

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