Art With Purpose

I really do love Etsy. It seriously fits my 4(for) green acres habit and every time I peruse the pages I'm in awe at how many artisans there are in this world. I truly believe the etsy community belongs in the sustainable practices category for many reasons. But that topic is for another day. It was just my luck (as it usually is) that I came across Joe Wirtheim's work as I was shopping for a birthday present recently on Etsy.

This guy is the real deal!  Joe started a poster campaign called Victory Garden of Tomorrow.  He creates posters he coins as New American Propaganda that are "designed to inspire and educate" about our food culture in order to stimulate action across communities.  With a motto of "better food, better gardens, better cities" Joe is contributing to a movement contrived to spark a nation.  Of course I didn't know all this just by looking at the picture, but it's what lead me to purchase three of these fantastic posters. 

His message runs deeper than great design.  The posters are beautiful, original and share a concern I'm passionate about and I can't wait to display them in my kitchen.  To learn more about Joe and his work or If you want to purchase your own, head on over to his website or etsy store.

(images: Joe Wirtheim)