Spring Time Fun

I had a great weekend.  I hope you did as well.  I couldn't have asked for a better start to spring.  It all began on Friday when I received these awesome tulips at work.  Tulips happen to be my favorite flower.  To my surprise, my parents sent them to me to wish me happy spring.  Very thoughtful.  What I love about them even more is the fact that they are not just cut flowers, they're bulbs.  So when I'm finished enjoying them inside, I can take them outside to plant in the yard for next spring.  
Saturday was spent running errands.  This was the first weekend our farmers market was open.  I stopped by to see if my favorite vendors were back and they all were there!  I picked up a few woven grass baskets, hand spun and dyed alpaca yarn, lavender soap, native wildflower seed, and a just a bit of produce.  I can't wait to show you my finds. 

Then the remainder of the day was spent with two of my favorite little people and their family.  Did you happen to catch the full moon on Saturday night?  What a sight.  I could have sat outside under the stars the rest of the night just to watch it rise. 

Sunday was a full, productive day.  I was working on this project I told you about recently.  I was so excited to be out in the yard on a beautiful, sunny day that I forgot to put on sunscreen.  I was a little pink last night.  It's time to replace my lotion with sunscreen.

As tired as I am from all the activity, I feel really good about what's in store this season.  The creative juices are flowing!

How did you spend your spring weekend?