Trash to Treasure

We are cleaning out some of the old buildings at work.  I am now the proud owner of another person's junk.  I'm actually quite happy about this.  A bag of goodies was delivered to my office instead of the trash bin.  Someone knew I would appreciate all of this.  Check out the contents.

Various Colors of Yarn

Crochet Needles

Rolls of Colored Tape

Labels and Other Bits

Scraps of Material (to make more of these)
And by far the best find...

Old Pictures
Some of them look like postcards on the back and some have a wonderful framed border.  Pictures like these can be pricey at antique stores. I can't wait to use them.  In September 2009 I took a class at Sqaum Art Workshops with Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, and have been a fan of her work since then.  She uses old photos such as these for image transfers in her collages.  For someone like me who does not have drawing talent, Sarah made me feel like I could be an artist in my own creative way.  Now I use old pictures for journal pages, collages, and greeting cards. 

I suppose to some it seems silly to get so excited about items other people would just throw away, but like so many things that get tossed aside, there is still a lot of life in them.  You just have to rethink their purpose.  If I were to go out and buy all of these items today it would be expensive.  I feel very lucky to be the second owner.  Now I just have to make a list of the projects I can make.