365 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Earth day is such an important day to celebrate.  Any time we can bring focus to the improvement of our environment I'm all for it, but I have one complaint.  ONE day is not enough.  It's like Valentine's day.  Giving your best attention to your loved one once a year doesn't seem like a quality relationship.  We need to develop a relationship with our environment in order to be good stewards on a daily basis.  You'll notice the title says 365 ways to celebrate but this list only has 132 items.  Now I could make this easy and just give you 365 reasons, but the point to my concept 4(for) green acres is to collaboratively educate and by asking you to add to the list there will hopefully be more accountability.  I can't wait to see some of your creative ideas. 

Here is how it will work.  You can leave a comment with your idea, name, and location and I will add it to the list or you can send me an email.  Next week you will see this post in the side bar so you can quickly add and idea to the list throughout the year without having to search for it.     

365 Ways to Celebrate the Earth 
  1. Take your own bags to the grocery store.
  2. Eliminate the use of produce bags.  You're going to wash the produce anyway.  Just put them in your cart.
  3. OR reuse your produce bags.  Clean them out and take them with you.
  4. Avoid using paper towels in your kitchen.
  5. Air dry your hands in public restrooms instead of using paper towels.
  6. Wash your produce with a vinegar and water solution.
  7. Recycle more "trash" than you throw away.
  8. Purchase magazines and books 2nd hand when available.
  9. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere.
  10. Keep house plants in your home.
  11. Plant a garden.
  12. Print/write on the back side of paper.
  13. Read e-zines and newsletters on your computer vs. printing them out.
  14. Spend time in nature.
  15. Use O.B. tampons.
  16. Stay home and cook.
  17. Visit your local farmers market.
  18. Avoid take-out trash. (see #16)
  19. Shop at estate sales for furniture.
  20. Support artists that use sustainable or reused materials.
  21. Go solar. Consider panels.
  22. Volunteer at a community garden.
  23. Better yet, start a community garden.
  24. Listen to green lectures or panels of experts.
  25. Use old coffee grounds in your flower beds. 
  26. Wash your clothing in cold water.
  27. Air dry your laundry.
  28. Ride a bike instead of a car.
  29. Take public transportation when available.
  30. Knit your own...
  31. Buy local - not just food.
  32. Wear natural fibers.
  33. Use salt water to kill the weeds in your yard.
  34. Compost.
  35. Recycle your athletic shoes.
  36. Use apple cider vinegar.
  37. Make your own soap.
  38. Make your own cleaning products.
  39. Sweep your driveway instead of using the hose.
  40. Unplug appliances when not in use.
  41. Wash your clothes after 2-3 wears.
  42. Wash your hair every other day.
  43. Learn about the benefits of baking soda.
  44. Make shopping lists on recycled paper.
  45. Better yet, make your own paper using recycled paper.
  46. Make your own journals and notebooks.
  47. Support green spaces.
  48. Sew something.
  49. Raise chickens in your backyard.
  50. Run outside, not on the treadmill.
  51. Plant a tree.
  52. Camp under the stars.
  53. Collect rain water for your indoor and outdoor plants.
  54. Bring your own coffee cup to work.
  55. Give away or sell your old clothes.
  56. Detox your body from processed foods.
  57. Use rechargeable batteries.
  58. Read Michael Pollan's Food Rules and abide by them.
  59. Watch Jamie Oliver's show Food Revolution
  60. Eat clean food.
  61. Make your gift bags out of material.
  62. Use washable Tupperware for your lunch instead of disposable bags.
  63. Blow out your refrigerator coils.
  64. Ride share when you can.
  65. Use a real cup at a restaurant instead of a to-go cup.
  66. If you don't need a receipt, don't get one.
  67. Try canning your own food.
  68. Take shorter showers.
  69. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth.
  70. Try nativescape instead of exotic plants.
  71. Find your local farmer to supply your meat.
  72. Get a library card.
  73. Buy in bulk (less trash).
  74. Purchase clothes that don't require dry cleaning.
  75. Recycle your electronics (cell phones, mp3 players, etc.)
  76. Hold a garage sale.
  77. Make a list of all the things you don't need and give them away.
  78. Make your own coffee coozy.
  79. Cancel your cable television.
  80. Have unplugged weekends (no t.v. or social media).
  81. Insulate your water heater for energy efficiency. 
  82. Hand wash your dishes instead of using the dishwasher.
  83. Turn a glass bottle into a hummingbird feeder using  a cork.
  84. Take your name of junk mail master lists.
  85. Hang a "no solicitation" sign on your door to avoid unwanted fliers.
  86. Consider cloth diapers.
  87. Keep your thermostat two degrees cooler than you normally would.
  88. Water your lawn/plants in the morning.
  89. Close the damper to your fireplace when out of season.
  90. Avoid using a coffee stirrer. Ask for a spoon they can wash.
  91. Use soap to wash your face instead of towelettes.
  92. Sign up for on-line bill pay and avoid writing checks.
  93. Ask your bank to send you e-statements instead of paper copies.
  94. Buy products with post-consumer recycled material.
  95. Not home?  Turn off your lights.
  96. Defrost your freezer.
  97. Make your own pizza instead of ordering delivery.
  98. Take a class.
  99. Throw something away.
  100. Cut the caffeine out of your diet.
  101. Find out what sunrise looks like in your neighborhood.
  102. Introduce yourself to a neighbor you don't know.
  103. Write your congressmen about environmental/food issues.
  104. Protest for something you believe in.
  105. Barter services and goods.
  106. Make a greeting card to give to someone.
  107. Send an actual letter.  You know, with an envelope and stamp.
  108. Eat a vegetable that scares you.
  109. Read a Mary Oliver poem.
  110. Find out how processed meat is made.
  111. Eat fruit directly from a tree.
  112. Use paraben-free cosmetics.
  113. Pick up trash.
  114. Adopt a highway.
  115. Start a worm farm.
  116. Observe the birds.
  117. Draw a flower.
  118. Walk to work.
  119. Put a brick in your toilet.
  120. Make a bird feeder.
  121. Don't bag your lawn.
  122. Use leaves as mulch.
  123. Use orange oil on the ant piles.
  124. Become a beekeeper.
  125. Limit your cell phone usage.
  126. Consume less of everything.
  127. Become a lending library and share your books.
  128. Utilize your fireplace for a heat source.
  129. Use wholebuffalo.com
  130. Record weather patterns.
  131. Cacel your trash service for a month.
  132. Keep a pail under the faucet to catch running water for flower boxes on porch. by Leonda
  133. Buy Vintage. by Linnet at Vintage Now and Then
  134. Avoid beverage service on a plane.  It's unnecessary trash.
  135. Take a canvas bag to the mall, like you would to the grocery store, for your clothes/shoes.  Promote yourself.
  136. Don't throw out the coffee you didn't drink.  Pour into ice trays to make coffee cubes for iced latte's. 
  137. ...Your idea here
Special thanks to cc for her creative input.

image from texascience.org website