Backyard Garden: Cut Worms

I walked out to the garden this morning as I have every morning to check on the progress of my plants.  Much to my surprise, my broccoli, which had big, beautiful leaves yesterday all of a sudden resembled swiss cheese.  What could have possibly munched on my broccoli that quickly?  After a closer inspection I found this.
I thought this guy has got to be full because most of my leaves are gone.  Of course he had help.  I pulled close to 20 worms off of ONE plant.  I felt betrayed.  Such a silly feeling, I know, but things were going along just fine without them! 

I promptly got out my organic gardening book for natural solutions.  One recommendation says to put a saucer of stale beer near the plant.  The smell wards off pests.  They climb up the stalk from the soil so adding a protective barrier around the base of the plant such as a straw or paper tube can keep them from climbing up.  I think I'll be trying both.

Do you have any solutions?