It's Your Birthday!

Do you remember birthday parties from when you were younger? I was in 4th or 5th grade when my mom threw my favorite birthday party. On Saturday morning she came into my bedroom, woke me up in a panic and told me to get in the car. She said there was no time to get dressed. I walked by my brother still asleep in bed and was a little worried he wasn't coming along. I thought maybe mom was sleep walking/talking again. I still had no clue what was going on and I was little embarrassed to be riding around in the car in my pajamas. Not long after we ended up in front of my best friends house. Still confused, she told me, in another panic, to go in and wake her up and tell her to get in the car. Her mom greeted me at the door, obviously in on a plan I had yet to figure out. This happened 4 or 5 more times until my mom's car was filled with my friends in their pajamas (I grew up in small, rural town - the use of seatbelts didn't apply). Finally my mom said, "surprise, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She took us to the donut shop for breakfast, and then back to my house to watch a bunch of movies she had rented. We spent most of the day hanging out, watching movies, and doing girly stuff in our pj's. No fluff, just like me.

As I mentioned Friday, I had a birthday party to attend this weekend for a four and two year old. The theme was Hello Kitty. I had so much fun watching all the kids run around and laugh. It reminded me of all my birthday parties and how much effort moms put in to be sure their children feel special. This party was no exception. The two birthday girls were exhausted when all the guests left. A good indication they had a good time. I was tired too!

Now we are back to another Monday. It's hard to believe April is already here. Is time flying by so fast because I'm getting older? I'll be back this week with more backyard garden how to's, and a fun DIY herb garden for your windowsill. I have gardening on the brain. Sorry for those of you still stuck in the depths of winter.

What is your favorite birthday party memory?