Join the Food Revolution

Several years ago when I was a naturalist leading 5th graders through the woods of Possum Kingdom teaching them about nature and life cycles, I was surprised at the amount of children that had never picked up a bug, seen a rabbit, or played in the mud.  They saw nature for the first time, and for some probably the last time.  It was even more startling at meal time when our lessons moved to the origin of food and after asking questions, I would get responses such as "meat comes from the grocery store."  I knew then we had a big problem. 

I grew up taking food for granted.  I knew where it originated and I assumed everyone did.  Spending time in the fields and barns was just something we did growing up on farms.  This experience taught me the value in real food through nourishment of my body and of my community.  Unfortunately today, the number of urban kids far outweighs the number of farm kids.  This is the future of our food system in America. 

Jamie Oliver is campaigning to change that.  His show, Food Revolution, documents the struggle of educating a society whose health issues have become an epidemic.  The show is factual, entertaining, and most of all, relevant.  It airs on ABC every Tuesday at 8/7c.  

Peaked your interest?  Join the cause here and watch the show tonight.

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