Another Year Older

Today is my birthday.  I'm not particularly fond of my birthday and typically the day passes with very little mention.  I suppose it's being the center of attention, or the compliments and gifts that just make me uneasy.  The past few years have been different though and I'm feeling like celebrating this year.  I might even make myself my favorite birthday cake, German Chocolate.  I haven't made one in years. 

I received an early gift* this year from my friend Lauren and I couldn't help but show it to you because I'm so excited about it. 
I am a journaler.  Have I mentioned this before?  I still have my childhood diaries in box somewhere that had a lock and key.  (The cool thing to do in the 80's was to wear your diary key around your neck.  Well, at least I thought it was cool.)  So when Lauren's box arrived and I opened it to find this 5 year question journal I was ecstatic.  Even though I received this gift last week I've been saving it for today.  I will make my first entry tonight! 
The second gem was this beautiful little vase.  Lauren has sat in my backyard and knows how much I love bringing flowers in the house.  This vase will be in my studio all summer long filled with daisies, pin cushions, roses, gomphrera...  I'm a very lucky girl.  Thank you Lauren!

A special little person in my life loves to hear stories and she is always asking us to tell her stories of when we were little.  I posted about one of my childhood birthday parties over here and I have been asked twice to tell it to her again so I thought I would relink the story with you to take you back to your own birthday parties. 
Here is to another year! 

*book and vase from Anthropologie