Berry Bars

Raspberry Bars
I had a small dinner party this weekend and I wanted to make something tasty and in season.  After reading the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens I knew these bars would make the perfect dessert.  I love blackberries and in Texas we have an abundance of them so I substituted the raspberries and jam.  Jump over here to get the recipe.

The shortbread crust was crumbly and just the right amount of sweetness, and the custard had a fresh, lemon taste that complimented the berries.  It was very difficult not to eat the entire contents of the pan before the guests arrived. 
In my kitchen we have a "would you make this again" rating.  If the recipe gets a yes it goes in the keep pile.  If it's a no, it gets discarded.  The blackberry bars will definitely be made again. 

I enjoyed baking this weekend and I think I'll start making at least one new recipe a month.  This is a lofty goal, but may be interesting. 

If you have a chance to make these bars let me know what you think. 

image: Better Homes and Gardens