House Finch

This guy and his family have taken up residence in my yard.  Him and his partner have built a nest in the ivy near the gutter above our garage door and the mama has already laid her eggs.  When we are in the backyard he floats around calling endlessly.  I'm not sure if he is mad that we are in his yard or if he generally likes our company.  He is a brave little soul though.  As our cats meander around he boldly sits on the fence taunting them.  In all honesty, I have lazy cats and I'm sure he is pretty safe.

Out of the pair, he is the prettiest.  Why is this in birds?  Peacocks, mallard ducks, hummingbirds: all the males have colorful feathers, while the females are mostly shades of brown.  This seems unfair in some way. 

Regardless, I enjoy seeing them in the yard and hope that these new neighbors will stick around. 

I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend.  The rest is much needed.  I plan on enjoying a good book, the lake, and a little nature. 

Have a great weekend!