When Bears Attack

There is a running joke in my family about hiking and bears.  I used to hike quite a bit alone, especially in Colorado.  No one is ever happy about this and they always pass on information they have heard or read in regard to protecting oneself the best possible way from a bear or even a mountain lion.  Their concern is masked with humor.   

I always carry rocks in my pockets and I typically sing on the trail.  Songs like You Are My Sunshine and my own lyrics which usually have lines about not eating me because I'm not sweet.  In my mind singing these songs will ward off bears.  It's always worked before!   

I made the mistake of telling my family this long ago and actually sang the songs for them and now, it's all I hear about.  I could be walking around the block and they ask me if I have my rocks.  So it comes with no surprise that I have gotten a good share of goading from my recent bear encounter story.  I expected this, I did.  The one time I'm not carrying rocks, I see a bear. 

I received a package in the mail recently, and honestly it takes the cake.  My dad has one-uped me.  Good one dad!  And the joke lives on...