Meet Lucy

Lucy is my new ride.  She was found abandoned at the farm with her mate.  (Yes, matching his and hers Schwinn collegiate bikes!)  Her wheels were dilapidated, but her frame was fairly impeccable considering the neglect.  After acquiring new wheels and little cosmetic surgery she is up and running.  Ready for a stroll to the pool, movie theater or the coffee house. 

She couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time.  I'm ready to sink into the lazy days of summer now that the crazy month of June is over.  As much as I have on my to-do list I'm trying to make a conscientious effort not to overdo it.  I have a tendency to be very driven and focused until a job is done, much to my detriment.  It can't all get done today, so why not enjoy a free moment now and then.  Lucy is the perfect catalyst.  

My next project will be to find Lucy a basket, but a regular bike basket like Dorothy's won't cut it.  I stumbled across the idea below in the Martha Stewart March issue, and I think an old mailbox suits her personality best.  I cut it out and saved for my fun idea file not thinking I would ever need it.  Now I'll be on the hunt to save an old mailbox from the landfill.

What do you think?

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