Perfect Day Top 10 Favorites

Back in May, Lillian over at Unstiched posted about her perfect day in this post.  I've been thinking about it every since.  What would the perfect day look like?  She talks about weeding through the details to find what is most important.  Whatever that is to you, it should make it on the list.  It comes down to finding value in what you love about your life. 

I've been making several lists, each one looking a little different, but they keep coming back to a general theme:  love of nature, good food, and doing something meaningful with those I love.  I've narrowed the lists to my top ten favorites.    

After doing this exercise I realized that living the perfect day every day would require some major changes.  For starters, it would be hard to perfect this day in the city. One of the many reasons we are moving is to live more of the life we want, and I'm looking forward to unfolding some of those details for you. 

Some of these things I have no control over, like the weather, but it's fun to dream.  What would make it on your list? Feel free to share below or over at Unstiched.  Thanks Lillian, for the inspiration.