Road Trip: Arnold, Nebraska

This past weekend I took a very quick trip home to see my family.  It was a surprise visit.  We were in a small town in the sandhills that holds all the rural charm of a sleepy Midwest town.  Of course I didn't get any photos of the sandhills themselves.  What my eye sees doesn't exactly replicate on camera.  They are a sight though, and one of my favorite locations to unwind.  For miles all you can see are rolling hills of prairie grasses.  An occasional oak tree and cottonwoods around the water sources.  Cattle graze through the day until the stars are exposed in the blackest sky at night.  You can hear the sound of a grasshopper chomping on a leaf, it's so quiet. 

Here are a few shots my from walk downtown.

Their movie theatre where only two movies are playing.
You can have lunch at the antique store.
I would love to see this sign in my house, but it didn't fit in my suitcase.
The owner had an old telephone booth in the corner.  Nothing fancy, but I found these neat signs when I opened the door.
I love old cash registers.  They used to be a piece of art in themselves. This one was the size of a large piece of furniture. It would take several people to move it.  The buttons were fascinating. 

There are many times I wish to be living in a small town such as this, but that would mean not living the life I have now.  I suppose that's why it's always fun to travel.  I get the best of both worlds.