Two of Life's Splendid Truths

I'm taking a quick break to pop in and share some thoughts.  It's been an intense week and my emotions are a little on the fritz.  I suppose it doesn't help to have a nasty summer cold keeping me under the weather and in a deep mood.  A few recent events have been a catalyst for self depraving thoughts.  As I've been wallowing in it, the universe decided to throw water in my face by reminding me of two of life's truths that are all too easy to forget.


My brother, ever the champion for finding the silver lining, got the brunt of my mood this week.  After a long phone call of brain dumping, whining about judgmental people and wondering why I have to deal with the negative emotions of others, he simple said, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it."  Clearly he didn't get it.  It is broke.  My feelings are hurt, I'm mad, and he is telling me not to fix it.  I wondered why I had called him.  He went on and I soon realized, I was the one that didn't get it.  He meant my life.  MY life, not everyone else trying to throw out their rope to bring me down.  I can't fix them and in so many words, he told me that wasn't the point.  

The truth is, my life is pretty good and with many blessings.  Despite what judgement is cast my way, I have nothing to fix.  I am happier than ever before but yet I've been investing so much time and energy on fixing something that isn't even broken instead of living my life and enjoying it for what it is.  Seriously, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.


It hasn't been all that peachy this week.  The words from my brother were filed in the back of my mind for future pondering.  This week, I just wanted to be petty.  To play on the same level and use my words as weapons.  Ten years ago I more than likely would have.  I grew up crabby with a temper but thankfully it has curbed somewhat since then.  A mentor once taught me the valuable lesson of leaving your legacy. In business, how you treat others will affect the outcome of your career.  This of course, can be applied to life as well.  It's like a boomerang.  You throw out positive vibes and you get the same thing in return.  I'm reminding myself that what others do or say is no excuse for me to act in the same way.  I don't want that to be my legacy.  

To top it off, for good measure, the universe decided to drive home the point about being good and I got an email about an opportunity from someone I helped long ago.  Good comes around.


I love when things happen this way.  Just when life feels a little sour, messages come that make you feel silly for being so dramatic in the first place.  It can only happen when you're in tune with it, and sometimes that is the hard part. 

I'm heading back to work and feeling much lighter and grateful for the reminder of these truths.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with goodness.