We're Moving

I think it's safe to say that most people have a back up plan for their life.  A dream plan at least.  The yearning to pack up and head for the hills in search of a more simple life.  My vision of a wild, free, indigo life, abundant with all things I love, has been in my heart for some time.  It has been hard to find it surrounded by concrete with no room to stretch and grow. 

About three months ago an opportunity came available that would allow us to live more of the life we wanted.  A beautiful house on a corner lot in a small country town.  It's full of natural light and charm.  Let's just say we know the owners very well and they were willing to give us a deal. 

There is no rhyme or reason for the move other than the longing to set roots in a place that feels like home already.  We are shedding light on our dreams.  We weighed the pros and cons for weeks. 

*loads of outdoor space
*farther distance between the us and the neighbors
*the view is greenspace
*there is a front porch and a back porch
*natural light in the entire house
*we can make it our own
*we know people in the community
*closer to family
*my favorite little people will be neighbors
*farther out of the city
*small town
*downsizing (minimalism)
*more affordable

*we add 20 minutes to the commute making it a 40 minute drive to work
*benefits of the city (markets, movies, eateries) are not as accessible
* putting our current house on the market at a bad time
*there are several renovation projects
The lists could go on forever, but in the end the pro list won.  It would have been easier to say no, keeping the idea dormant for a while longer.  We are comfortable where we are, and there is something to be said for that.  There is a lot of work involved, but dreams are not comfortable, they're daring.  And so we decided to take the leap and continue to build our life in a quiet, cozy neighborhood. 

This is our lemonade:  plans for large gardens, hen houses, a community of friends, family close by, and plenty of space to grow.  Why wait for that?