5 Reasons To Take Your Time Choosing Paint Colors

Although I'm very excited about the new house, I'm not so excited about painting.  Rather, the process of painting.  We could contract the work, but we have the time and why spend the money when you can do it yourself, right?

The hardest part has been choosing paint colors.  I've never seen so many shades of gray.  I've learned a few lessons about choosing colors wisely, which really means, I've already made mistakes.  I'm in a rush.  Not because I have to be, but because it's my nature to get started on a project and finish it soon.  An unfinished project leaves me emotionally unsettled. 

The agony in hastily selecting the palette is what led me to the following five reasons about slowing down.

1.  When you think you've picked the right color from a 1'' x 1'' square and you buy a gallon of it without trying a sample on the wall first, you might kick yourself later when it is not the right color.  NON-REFUNDABLE

2.  Choosing paint in the location in which it will be on the walls is vital.  Your light is completely different than that of the store. 

3.  Take into consideration the flow of the house.  Choosing a cool color in the living and turning around to see a warm colored kitchen doesn't look appealing.

4.  Oil based enamel is a bitch to paint the first time, let alone twice.

5.  When you take the time to Kilz entire walls, bookcases, and a fireplace, repainting is not an option. 

Nonetheless, my painting duties have been stripped from me.  It has been decided that my paint skills are less than adequate and I've been banished to packing.  I really am a better packer and cc is a much better painter, so it works out for the best.

I will be thankful when it's all complete.  Not just because I hate painting, but because I'm ready to move in.  The excitement is building and I almost can't stand it!