To Paint or Not To Paint

Above is the kitchen in the new house.  Disregard the junk.  We haven't moved in and it's a work in progress.  As I mentioned in my previous post about taking the time to choose paint wisely, it's important that the colors have a good flow.  A warm kitchen with a cool living room that share the same space doesn't really work.  Our dilemma is just that, a two toned living space.

I'm eliciting the help of my fellow readers.  I have too much of me in my head and could use an outside opinion.  To paint or not to paint the cabinets?  They are beautiful, but they are just not our style.  We are wrestling with the decision to paint them a lighter color or even just stain them differently.  The floors are going to be stained darker, the walls will be a classic gray, and we are up in the air about the backsplash. 

We are looking for clean and light with a cozy feeling at the same time.  Something similar to the one below, although not quite as starchy. 

image found via DustyLu blog
 What do you think?  Paint them?  Stain?  Or just say what the heck and leave them alone. 

Also, any suggestions on what to replace that hideous light with are welcomed!