Hair for a Cause

It's difficult to keep a style when my stylist lives 10 hours away.  It's not like I can make an appointment every 6 weeks.  It takes planning, and a haircut costs me a plane ticket.  I'm pretty particular about my hair, which is extremely odd because I don't do my hair.  I'm pretty satisfied waking up and pulling it all into a pony tail.  There is no fuss, no product, no hassle.  Honestly, anything would look better, but I really only like it when my sister cuts it.  Maybe it's because she knows what I want, or perhaps she is just good at what she does, but it always rocks.  Replicating her handiwork hasn't happened yet.  So I wait.  I let my hair grow, and grow, and grow until I can finally make the 10 hour drive (or flight) to get on her books.  This is the longest I have gone in between cuts. 

My hair was so long "it" was actually a candidate for Locks of Love.  My values align with their mission and I've always wanted to donate my hair for a good cause, I've just never had the patience to wait that long and then cut that much off.  Timing is everything. 

The donation process was easy.  Sarah wrapped up the hair for me.  I downloaded the form, filled it out, stuck everything in an envelope and dropped it in the mail.  It makes me smile knowing a kiddo will feel normal by simply mailing in my hair. 

The bonus; I love my new style.  I almost feel a little sassy.  Sarah also colored it, which covers up the gray that was starting to sprout.  Can you tell?  I'm a little unsure about committing to coloring my hair, so she went easy on me and did a semi-permanent color.  I did promise that I would keep it up; The cut and the color.  I don't want to look 12 and/or frumpy any longer.   Qué será.

Any major style changes on the horizon for you?