How to Turn A Crate Into A Footstool & Magazine Rack

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I have been completely inspired by the reinvention of the crate.  A variety of crates are a staple in my home, but it hasn't been until recently that I've fallen in love with them all over again.  When I was cruising around Pinterest I discovered these and I was immediately smitten.  I wanted to incorporate the caster/crate idea into my home, which fits my design style of eclectic, arts & crafts with a touch of industrial.  I am not in need of anymore shelving units so I decided to take a different approach.
My living room is somewhat limited on space despite the open rooms.  The furniture is large and I'm tired of the overstuffed and bland ottomans, but I still need something to prop my feet on.  I decided to turn cc's favorite 7-Up crate into a new ottoman with current magazine and book storage.  It gets the job done and doesn't take up too much space.
+an old crate (fruit, soda, etc.)
+4 casters from the hardware store (size is by preference - I wanted a shorter ottoman so I went with smaller casters)
+industrial strength velcro
+gorilla glue
+optional - pillow or cushion that fits the dimensions of the "top" of the crate

I didn't want to drill holes in the crate in order to keep my options open for future use.  I decided to go with velcro, and I made sure it was industrial strength so when I move the crate around on the floor the casters won't fall off.  To be sure the adhesive on the velcro adheres to the metal caster and the wood I used a couple drops of gorilla glue on each surface.  With a little elbow grease this can be removed in the future. 
I positioned the casters as close to the edge as possible in order for them to be visible.  You may choose to add a cushion or pillow for comfort.  I opted not to because I have so many pillows on my couch already it's easy enough to grab one of those if needed.  
I would love to get more ideas for crates.  What other ideas have you seen or used?  Leave me a comment.