The List to Make It Official

Moving really puts life into perspective for you.  You begin to identify what matters most.  For weeks cc and I have been living in limbo as we prepared to sell one house, and made a few changes on the new house.  Every time something important happened we'd look at each other simultaneously and say "it's official, we've moved."  The list keeps expanding. 

1.  It's official, the coffee pot, latte machine, beans, grinder, filters...have been moved.  
2.  It's official, we now have wireless internet.
3.  It's official, the t.v. has been connected just in time for football season. (Go Huskers!)
4.  It's official, the kitchen is set up.
5.  It's official, the first batch of Great Aunt Linnie's cookies have been made with the girls.
6.  It's official, our first letter arrived in the mailbox.
7.  It's official, the new mattresses are here.
8.  It's official, the rocker has been placed on the front porch.
9.  It's official, the rugs are on the floor, which means painting is done.
10.  And the most important, it's official, the cats have made the move.  Reluctantly.
At first glance these things may seem silly and hardly qualify as important, but there is an unspoken understanding that it is not the material items that are so important to us, but rather the moments in which they take place; The traditons that are brewing that create family.  We value the anodyne of creating a home that is a safe place that heals, comforts, and infuses us with laughter. 

I finally feel at home and every time I walk through the door, despite the patchy paint yet to be finished, and the empty rooms waiting for furniture.  I can't think of a place I would rather be.  It's not just that we have moved, we have arrived home and this list is just more proof that we have finally found our resting place. 

What do you find important to you and your family that makes it official?