Lost and Found

The one thing I love the most about my new house are all the windows.  The advantage is being on the corner across the street from the park.  We a great view of green space which allows us to see life go by.

Yesterday morning was no exception as cc and I were drinking our cup of coffee when we saw not one, but two cute dogs running around in the grass.  We waited for their human we were sure was soon to follow, but no one came. 
We walked out to the front porch and still couldn't find anyone.  The dogs had an attitude of uneasiness.  Unsure of where they were or what they were doing, and appeared to have been out and about all night.  We called out to them and they came right over.  They are now chilling in they backyard until I can find their human.  They have no tags to identify them so the best I can do is put signs around the neighborhood and call the city shelter to leave my name and number.    

Unfortunately, we have a bad feeling that these two sweeties were dropped and left to fend for themselves.  Can't explain that feeling, it's just there.  So we wait, and hopefully someone will call and there will be a happy reunion.  They are not very fond of cat food (which is all I have at the moment), and they didn't like sleeping in the back yard.  While they didn't bark at all during the day, they certainly kept everyone up last night.  My hope is they can be returned to their home quickly and safely.  The alternative worries me...

I got a call from the owner yesterday.  Her daughter came and picked them up last night.  So glad it ended this way.  Turns out, the woman had a water leak at her home and the city workers left the back gate open and these two lovelies ran for freedom.