Crafty Cornhusker

No, this post is not about the football team although I am from Nebraska and we live and breathe Husker football whether our mailing address is in the state or not.  I happened to find the best project for a female Cornhusker.

I was thumbing through the November issue of Martha Stewart Living and marveled at the crafty idea of making a wreath out of corn husks.  In a corn state it is easy to find husks after harvest.  On a windy day several could blow up in your yard.  In this particular issue they dyed the husks a magenta color and worked them into a wreath while they were still pliable.  The M.S. crafters used craft dye, however, I think they could be dyed using beets or blueberries. 

It just so happens that I'm heading to Nebraska this weekend.  Maybe my brother, the farmer, can bring me a bag of husks!  Do you think the TSA will question me?


I'll be back later next week. My Grams is turning 80 and I'm off to celebrate with her, but she doesn't know it yet.  I think she will be pleasantly surprised.