Month in Review

I am a notetaker, list maker, and detailed planner.  I write down happenings, birthdays,and current events in multiple places.  Here is what happened in my indigo life this month.

+ We closed on the old house.  No more worrying about two mortgages.  We moved here.

+ cc purchased a 1971 Chevy C-10 pickup.  I tell her it smells like high school because I drove  something similar then.  I'm now a classic car owner.  #old

+ We hit daylight savings time and watched the Beaver moon rise.

+ I traveled to Nebraska via Denver to celebrate Grams' 80th birthday, and saw snow.

+ I actually decorated the house for fall.

+ The first Creative Connection DFW event took place and I attended.

+ There is a new addition to our family - our rescue dog Ollie!

+ Participated in an art swap through Swap Bot and received a fun package from Brazil.