My Dream Folly

We all have dream lists. The kind that no matter what changes take place in life, things on the list remain constant. For years I've wanted to be the owner of a yurt. After spending a summer living in a tent and reading Radical Simplicity by Dan Price I imagined my life on a stretch of land far from civilization in a yurt. Off the grid and self sufficient this dwelling would provide the shelter I would need.

Over time I've come across elaborate models, but this one takes the cake.   A few weeks ago the Dallas paper landed on my desk showcasing the 2011 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. The big ticket item this year is a yurt. No I'm sorry, a dream folly. With a price tag of $75K it promises an oasis from your McMansion, decorated to the nines by a designer. Not exactly what I had in mind. Even if I could afford this price tag, my dream folly doesn't exist out the back door with silk pillows and a chaise lounge.

I have visions of untouched land with rivers, mountains and nothing but the sound of nature. A yurt offers a comfortable home with very little footprint.  My dream folly looks a little more like this:
or this...
Less designer, more natural and cheaper than $75K.  I think I'll keep on dreaming Neiman Marcus.