Turning 80

I got a call about a month ago from my uncle with a crazy idea to surprise my grandmother, Grams, for her birthday.  She turned 80 last week and in all honestly, none of us thought we would ever see the day. After having 2 major heart attacks, a few other small ones, heart surgeries, and emphysema from smoking she is one tough cookie.  Her doctor even told me once she is the miracle lady.  I was just as happy as she was that she was having a birthday.
So what a better surprise when turning 80 than to see your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren whom you don't see often. 
[left - sorry for the blur.  sister couldn't figure out fancy camera]        [right - one of my favorite nephews]
This required planning.  Just because this little lady turns 80 doesn't mean she has plenty of free time.  Turning 80 is like any other day.  She bowls in a league with women half her age, she volunteers weekly at the Senior Center, attends plays and musicals, and travels to see family.  I've been given the excuse on numerous occasions that her schedule is too full to come to Texas.  We could only be so lucky. 

The day started off splendidly. She knew my uncle was coming to town but had no idea about the rest of us. That was the only way she wouldn't schedule something. We held the gathering at the Senior Center since she spends so much time there giving to others. We wanted her to feel special. The senior center is an activity center for seniors that serves lunch everyday, holds bazaars, bake sales, and card games for the men. We surprised her when she walked through the door. What I loved about the day was not only was I there to celebrate with Grams, I got to see the very people that impacted my life from the start. My preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade teachers were there. Members from the church I was confirmed in, my mother's grade school teacher. All manner of people that know and love my grandmother so well. We had cake, balloons (thanks mom) and she got to introduce us to the group, which she loved.  She was even serenaded by my lovely sister. A show that my mother usually performs, but my sister has taken over. Thank goodness she got the singing genes. 

So what do you do on your 80th birthday after your surprise party?
Go home and beat your grandkids in a round of cards!

Happy 80th Grams