When Your Sister Takes Over Your Camera

Meet Sarah.  This adorable little creature is my lovely sister.  She is my BFF.  Isn't she beautiful? 

The trouble is, this sweetness you see is sometimes a cover up.  Typically when I walk through door, I get lots of love, and then she steals my camera and I don't see her the rest of the weekend.  Ok, so I do see her, but usually behind my camera.  This is what happens when your sister takes over your camera.


You end up with a hundred unflattering shots of yourself...
...and you get caught busting a move with Tonya
...or your brother explaining some scientific farming thingy
...or she catches your brother with duck lips (sorry brother)
and sometimes you can bust her with Tonya..

But on occasion, that sweetness comes through and she gets some really great shots.

Like this one of you and your dad...
...or your mama's hand because you them so
...or your nephew playing with your iPad and sticking his tongue out the way his daddy used to.


Without my sister, I wouldn't have as many recorded memories and today, I'm especially thankful for her.  It's hard to be so far from family whether you choose to be or not.  She believes in recording our life and when I'm here and all of them are there I can look through these photos and the laughter we shared fills the room.  It makes it easier to believe that distance makes the moments we have together sweeter.  So I'll take all the candid shots because honestly, that's how we all act anyway, and it's why we have so much fun.  

Thanks Sissy for always taking over my camera.