Cut Poinsettias

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For as long as I can remember my grandmother has always had poinsettias in her home at Christmas.  Always the red variety because red is her favorite color.  When I finally had my own home, but couldn't afford a tree, I would always have a poinsettia.  That was almost more special than a tree because it reminded me of her, of home. 

The one little problem is that I really don't like the look of poinsettias.  They come wrapped in foil and most look a little leggy.  I think it was last year when I was thumbing through Better Homes and Gardens and came across a spread on using poinsettias in bud vases.  Why hadn't I thought of this before?  The picture above looks so much prettier than this:

Since then I've been buying 2-3 poinsettias with smaller leaves and cutting them for vases.  I change out the water every now and then and they last the entire month.  It's an updated version of an old family tradition, and they turn out so beautiful. 


By the way, it's the first day of the winter solstice.  Check out what's in store this season.