December 4(for) Green Acres Challenge

Today I'm introducing a monthly challenge series on indigo 26.  If you're familiar with my blog you've already heard about my 4(for) green acres project (make the jump here for information).  These monthly challenges are your opportunity to cultivate your own acres.  They are designed to challenge your creativity, test your will power, and pull your awareness to the footstep you are leaving behind.

By participating in these challenges and sharing them with others you are spreading the message.  Over time, those around us will be making better choices as well.  The goal is not to change how you live your life, but rather think about the implications of those choices and tweek them for the best outcome.  


This month creates a lot of unnecessary trash with all the gift wrap that gets thrown away.  For this challenge, I encourage you to only use gift wrap that you have on hand or utilize wrapping that is reusable or repurposed. 

The rules:
  1. No purchasing of new supplies of any kind
  2. While using what wrapping paper you have left from previous years fits within the rules, it is still trash.  Encourage the recipient to recycle or reuse the paper by adding a special note with the package. 
  3. Think outside of the box.  There are other ways to wrap gifts.
If you are like me, the thought of wrapping all those gifts with only what you have on hand is a little overwhelming.  Don't worry!  In the next few weeks I will be sharing with you tutorials from crafty ladies around the blogoshere.  These ladies know how to repurpose! So if you're stumped for ideas be sure to check back here.

Excited about the challenge and want to spread the message?  Grab a 4(for) green acres project badge for your blog by using this code to let others know you're growing your own greener acres.  I've added the badge to the sidebar as well.  

indigo 26

Don't forget to share your triumphs, challenges and other ideas in the comments below.  Let us know how you are doing.  Community starts by sharing with others.  Can't wait to hear from you!