I am very excited to be adding a new component to indigo 26.  I am an avid journaler and note taker.  I can typically tell you the date of the next full moon or what produce is best to eat that time of year.  So I'm taking it to the next level by documenting the information here rather than just in my journals especially considering this is, in a sense, my on-line journal.  Some of the information is just for fun, and some of it will be useful.  On the sidebar will be the icon you see above.  Clicking on it will navigate you to the following page.

At the beginning of each season I will introduce the page and tell you what you can expect in that season.  The by the season page will include information on gardening, which can apply to all types of gardens, even patio container gardens.  Also, I will post about foods that are in season and provide links to great recipes.  There will be tips and tidbits on how to live a 4(for) green acres life.  The psychologist in me has also added the fire*side reflection question that will help you dig deeper to bring awareness full circle.   

The intention to is to be more aware of what is happening in the present.  Our physical bodies are better at being presently aware than our minds are.  By intentionally connecting the body and mind we create a healthy balance.  I started taking these notes years ago after I lived in a tent for a summer.  I was living a dream, but I was so focused on where I needed to go and what did or didn't happen last week, last month, last year that I forgot to enjoy the moment.  Now looking back I realize how much I missed out on because my focus was set somewhere other than the present.  

Feel free to leave your comments below, especially if you would like to answer the reflection question here.  I would love to hear from you.