Swap Bot

I alluded to participating in a swap in the November review post, and I want to share a little more information with you. I am new to the swap thing.  I've heard from several others how much fun they can be, and I've heard they can expose your work, but I've always been hesitant.  While I consider myself an artist, I don't throw that title around publicly.  I doodle, cut and paste, dabble in paint, attempt sewing projects, and otherwise just play in my studio; I've never created anything to sell.  Therefore I've avoided swapping my art with others, because I basically feel like my work is inadequate.  Poor attitude, I know. 

I found out about Swap Bot through another blogger (I'm not sure who at this point).  It's a website that hosts, and does the work, for all kinds of swaps. They host swaps you can participate in, or if you want to create a swap yourself, you can do so on this site.  There are thousands of swaps. 

I decided to try my first swap recently.  Swap Bot was hosting their own swap to celebrate their 100,000th swap how many times can I write swap in one sentence).  The rules were simple and well defined.  It seemed simple enough.  I created a small bound notebook in swap bot colors made with recycled office papers (memos, graph, ledgers, etc.)  Then I added 2 playing cards with the recipients initials on the front, and a pocket for keepsakes.  You won't find a picture of it here because of that whole inadequate thing...I'm working on it. 

I sent it in the mail and then waited for my package (not from the same person I sent mine to).  A couple of days ago I received my package in the mail from Brazil!  Not only will be it be great for sending off future swaps, but it's from Brazil!  It reminded me of all my Brazilian friends (thanks to the YMCA) and it warmed my heart. 

After receiving this beautiful package, I quickly got over the inadequacy thing and decided I would do another swap...after the first of the year. 

Are you a swapper?