12 in 2012

This year I'm hoping to be in a state of flux.  Not necessarily the indifferent, anxiety provoking flux, but rather the continuous change or movement associated my word of the year kind.  Without going into detail, this is a list of my heavy hitters for 2012. 

  1|  Attend brand camp with Hey, Sweet Pea
  2|  Squam in the Fall
  3|  Take a homesteading class
  4|  Take a trip to Lincoln for a non-agenda weekend with my sister 
  5|  Return to yoga
  6|  Write 5 lines of gratitude daily
  7|  Get my garden going at the new house
  8|  Make a date with the specialist I've been putting off
  9|  Run the Tour de Fleurs 10K in the Fall
10|  Go on vacation
11|  Work on my personal style
12|  Do one thing this year that scares me

See how I did