Collections: Flower Frogs

Since meeting cc my collections have grown.  I was never really a collector of anything except for Teddy Bears when I was growing up.  At one point I realized I had too many things, and I had to put my foot down and stop creating new collections just because I found something neat at the antique store.  Some things are left to be admired through the window.  If not, you run into an unnecessary clutter problem.  

While I want a collection to be beautiful, I really would like it to serve a purpose.  I finally had to go through each one and downsize, and now what is left must be carefully curated.  The crazy thing is that I've found by announcing your collections you open the door to unwanted items.  One of the best rewards is the hunt.  Finding the perfect piece to accent what you already own.  So I try not to tell anyone what I collect.  
One collection I couldn't give up are my flower frogs, especially the metal variety.  Frogs came around in 1914.  They are intended to take the guess work out of floral arranging.  Frogs made it easy for any woman to create a beautiful arrangement.  Made out of glass, ceramic, or metal, they were made to sit in shallow water, which could turn any bowl into a vase.  A pretty creative idea.  
While I don't use them for flowers they still have a very practical purpose.  The glass frogs can be used to hold pencils, makeup brushes, or knitting needles.  I also keep a bowl full of them in my guest bath.  They reflect the light in a dark space. 
The metal frogs are a little more versatile.  I use them to hold recipe cards in the kitchen, family photos I like to change out, or notes I need for a post I'm researching.  Really they can serve so many purposes.
This is the newest frog in my collection.  It was a Christmas gift and it's funny how it ended up with me.  I spotted it in a favorite store of mine a while ago.  The price was a bit more than I was willing to pay so I just waited, knowing if it was meant to be, it would be.  When my mom came to visit in December we were out shopping and I showed it to her.  I think it looks like hair pins.  Of course she collaborated with cc and it ended up in my stocking.  It was meant to be.  

What I love most about all these frogs is their durability.  They are not only beautiful, they are functional and will be for a long time because they are not made out of plastic.  

What is your favorite collection?