Her Birthday

Meet my mother. Today is a special day because it's her birthday.  She is off this weekend celebrating, and I'm wishing I could have made her breakfast so I could tell her all the things I love about her.  I'm thankful for her everyday, but birthday's are time to be reminded of that.  

She truly is the best mom.  I have so many good memories that could fill a thousand boxes.  Here a few of my favorites. 
  • She had the loudest voice at my track meets.  She always pushed me to my potential.  She saw in me what I could not. 
  • At a grade school function she asked me to get coffee for her.  When I returned she was talking, and minding the manners she taught me, I didn't interrupt. Sadly she waived her arms and the coffee landed in her lap.  It was so hot it melted her pantyhose to her skin.  I thought I had killed my mother.  I have never felt so bad about something. 
  • Jazzercise, aerobics, and running.  She did it all.  I remember being on the side of the ride, cheering her on in road races.  She rocked the 80's aerobic world with her workout gear.  The tights, leotards, and LEG WARMERS!  I always thought she looked so pretty in her workout gear.  
  • Her taste in clothing didn't stop at workout gear.  She had the best high heels.  She would knock an out outfit out the park with her heels.  What I wouldn't give to have a few of them now. 
  • She was a member of the community playhouse, and I couldn't have been more proud.  She could play any part.  When she was cast in a play I would practice her lines with her while she was in the bathtub.  This is one of my best mom and me times.  
  • She always gave me the best birthday parties.  They were never over the top, but they were always special and that's what made them so much fun.  
  • One of her many talents is cake decorating.  When we were young, she did this as a side business.  Every weekend she was baking and decorating 2, 3 or more tiered cakes.  We loved when we got the extra frosting and cake trimmings.  It was a real treat. 
  • The summer she taught my brother and I to water ski.  She treaded water for hours while she would work with us in the water.  She would tell us how to position our legs, and how to balance ourselves.  We would sit in her lap and then the boat would take off.  We didn't make it far but she would swim over to us, the boat would turn, and we'd start all over again.  
Of course there have been many more happy times, and when I get to see her these days I try to savor everything about the moment.  Even if I can't be with her on her birthday, it's always fun to take a road trip down memory lane. 

Happy Birthday to my biggest fan from your biggest fan.  I love you.