Home Tour: Exterior Makeover

September 2011
The dead of winter is not typically the time of year one considers working on curb appeal.  Especially considering this time last year we were in the midst of a winter wonderland.
Winter 2011
This is not the case now, and we are taking full advantage of it before the rush of spring hits.  We have a long way to go before the outside looks the way we want it.  It is a former model home for our neighborhood so the landscaping is full of well groomed pom-pom bushes.  Eventually I'd like to return the yard to more of a nativescape that is a little more drought tolerant, and a little less antiseptic looking.   
January 2012
The biggest change to date has been painting the exterior, which was just finished not too long ago.  We continued with the gray theme and painted it Benjamin Moore's Platinum Gray with Benji's black and white trim.  It seems to have really brought the house into the modern age.  While I still don't love the elevation, it looks so much better with a fresh color. 

We also took out the pom-pom bushes that were hiding the columns on the front porch.  They were full of wasp nests and hid our view of the park across the street.  Ok, I say we, but really I found cc out there one morning with an old axe hacking away at the stumps.  She was so tired of looking at them she didn't want to wait for the saw.  We also added a few planted pots on the porch, which only have pansies in them now, but they add a little winter color. 

We haven't made alot of change on the side yard or the fenced in yard.  We decided to wait until next year and live with the house a summer before making any decisions.  Now matter when we'll add more changes, it's feeling more like home.