Monthly Chronicle

As I sat to collect all that has happened this month I am amazed at how much I squeezed into the month.  Life is full and nothing short of wonderful, despite the losses.  
+ Chopped off the rest of my hair at Osgood O'Neil.  That makes over 14 inches I've cut off this year.

+  Attended the Handmade Holiday event at West Elm and found a lovely little gift from Red or Gray Art for my sister.

+  First time to check out the Dallas Flea.  I'm so inspired by indie artists.

+  My nephew had his first birthday.  Such a handsome little man. 

+  I purchased my first Christmas tree and decorated for the holidays.

+  Participated in the annual Salvation Army Angel Tree and I had so much fun shopping for my angels.

+  My mom came for a visit with her friend and it was fun to have a house full of guests.

+  During the visit we did a lot of shopping, but we also attended Kodachrome Christmas.

+  On a sad note; a personal tragedy with Ollie.  

+  Started updated the shop office.  Fresh paint, new furniture and flooring.  

+  Started the 12 days of Christmas tradition with cc and she loved it! 

+  We took a day trip over to Denton to visit a lady we actually met at the Dallas Flea. We purchased a piece of her repurposed furniture for my office.

+  The exterior of the house if getting a makeover. We are updating the color with a fresh coat of paint.  

+  We had mini carolers at our house.  5-6 children with their mothers stopped by to wish us a Merry Christmas.  

+  We kept our annual tradition of decorating sugar cookies.  

+  Attended a beautiful Christmas Eve service and realized I had maybe found balance in my life after all. 

+  I had lunch with an old friend that was long over due.  It was good to visit with her.

+  I had a blast with the December challenge.  Making gift wrapping a creative experience elevated the experience and I actually enjoyed the process.

+  Decided to take a chance on putting myself out "here" more and started the challenges, this chronicle page, and my seasonal recording page.  

+  We ended the month by running our second business through New Year's and went to sleep on the 31st very happy.  

I'm looking forward to a very adventurous 2012.  


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