Monthly Chronicle

This has been a great month to start off the new year.  I hope January is a reflection of all the months ahead. 

 +  Hiked at Erwin Park.
+  Discovered Top Golf with friends.
+  I got my haircut again.  This is a record.
+  I sat for 3 hours at the Department of Public Safety just to change my address.
+  The exterior of our house got a face lift.
+  I made and went to an appointment with the specialist.
+  I attended a Lorrie Morgan & Pam Tillis concert and had the best time.  I may have been the youngest person there.
+  My sister and her husband's adoption went through and they got a baby boy!
+  My mama had a birthday.
+  I returned to yoga this month after a long hiatus.
+  I took the challenge and sorted through closets, cupboards, and the garage and took it all to new homes. 
+  I got the garden boxes in.  More to come.
+  With that came the compost bin.
+  Had a movie night with my favorite girls.  We had pizza and watched Lady & The Tramp.
+  I went to the dentist. No cavities.  
+  I caught up with my good friend Lauren over the phone.  
+  Went on a day trip into Oklahoma and discovered McGee Creek State Park. 
+  I settled on ACTION as my word of the year and this month has been full of it. 
+  We had a major influx of rain.  We had flooding, but with that came the rise of the water table, which is always a good thing.
+  I started playing Words with Friends with my mom and I love that technology can bring us together.
+  I started using a honey scrub on my winter skin and it makes it so soft.
+  I went to see The Iron Lady and Albert Knobbs in the theater.  Loved both of them.
+  We made loads of hearty soups, stews, and breads while we nested with some free time. 
+  The '71 Chevy we recently bought broke down on the highway, in rush hour.  I am now the owner of a classic car that doesn't work.  

I'm looking forward to a great February.  

How was your January?  I'd love to hear about it.