Top Golf, Not Top Golfer

Welcome back, Monday.  My, how the first week of the year flew by.  I had a great weekend.  Spent some time with two sets of friends on Saturday and remembered how important it is to have good people surrounding you.  After devouring baked pecan waffles with bananas at one of my favorite places, we headed to Top Golf.  I was excited to try something new.  This place is reminiscent of the scene in There's Something About Mary. I have always wanted to try this, and I will definitely be returning.  The moon was rising when we started so I took a quick shot with my iPhone.

My golf swing didn't improve, but I was thankful for the laughs.  I have a tendency to get caught up in the mundane routine that I forget to just sit back and enjoy the day, especially with friends.

To sweeten the weekend, I found a lovely piece of property down the road from my house that is for sale.  I think I should consider buying it.  Who wouldn't want their own private ski lake and landing strip? 

Have a great week. 


Don't forget about the January challenge.  I've started clearing my shelves.  I'll be sharing some resources with you soon on what to do with it all.