Amy Meya Cermaics
One of my favorite shops in Kansas City is the STUFF store.  Full of quirky, one of a kind pieces from artists, I always walk out with something wonderful.  Without a doubt, a new ceramic piece from Amy Meya will find it's way into my suitcase.  She is a KC local artist that has a large wall display in the store.  She is by far my favorite, and I am the happy owner of a number of her pieces.
I have birds, an acorn (top shelf), and coin medallions that I've hung on the treasure wall in my studio.

My friend that lives in KC gifted me these trees for Christmas last year. They hang above my studio window.

These tiles hang by the light switch in my studio, and I picked up another tile to add to this duo on my recent visit.   

My studio is a haven for Meya's work.  Here is what STUFF has to say about her process.
"Much like painting, each piece is as if the clay is her canvas and the glaze is the paint.  Most surfaces of Amy's work are carved or stamped, and many pieces are designed so that they will tessellate, a fancy word for tiling with no gaps.  She works in grogged white clay that is fired to a maximum temperature of 2068 degrees Fahrenheit.  Her process is hands-on and very organic, and this can be felt in the final compositions."

Shop for Amy's ceramics on the on-line STUFF shop.


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