February Chronicle

I can't believe February is already over.  This was an incredibly busy month and I don't know how I packed everything in, even with the extra day.  No wonder I'm tired.  These are a few of the highlights. 
  • The groundhog saw his shadow which means six more weeks of winter.  Our winter has been bringing 60 degree days so I'm not too worried.
  • I had a follow up with the specialist and all went well.  Why do we wait so long to take care of ourselves?
  • I've been working on finding my style and used a Christmas gift certificate to update my makeup.  Makeup artists are crafty people. 
  • We put the garden boxes up and got one of them planted with cold season vegetables. 
  • We also purchased a few fruit trees to throw around our yard.
  • I started a training program to run the 10K.  I hoping to run a race in late May.
  • My grandmother came to visit.  Her and her five siblings were all in town and I had the best time learning about my wild family. 
  • While grams was here she was my valentine, we went bowling, shopping, and drove to Possum Kingdom to inspect the fire damage from last summer. 
  • I made valentines this year and a special box to put them in.
  • We took a weekend trip to Kansas City.
  • While there I added a new Amy Meya tile to my collection.
  • February's challenge has been a tough one.  I've been raising funds for scholarships to send kids to the Collin County Adventure Camp outdoor school.  There is still time to give.
  • We had dinner at The Rise with friends and experienced a new cuisine.
  • Spent the night in the historic Stoneleigh hotel. 
  • Heard two Arts & Letters Live authors speak this month:  Maxine Hong Kingston, Jeffrey Eugenides.
  • The only movie I saw this month was Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
The best part of the month...my sister and her husband taking their new baby boy home from the hospital.  He is finally over five pounds! 

Happy leap day!


For the month of February I am working on raising scholarship money to send kids from low income families to an outdoor school. Will you help me?  Click here to read my story and to donate to this worthy cause.