Make A Map Pin Board

It's Friday and the weekend is here.  I'm off to Kansas City and even though it's a quick visit, I'm excited to be getting out of town.  I love to travel, especially with cc.  There is something to be said for packing a bag and immersing myself into another city, another way of life.  Since I document everything I created a travel map a while ago.  This is a project that I made for cc to mark all of our destinations. We both enjoy traveling and I thought a visual representation of a map would be an interesting conversation piece.  I was inspired by Josh Turner's song Would You Go With Me.  
The map is backed with a sheet of cork board that is mounted onto a white board for stability.  The legend was created by doing a rubbing onto clear contact paper.  I used a red paint wash with stencils to apply the words and then I varnished the entire map.  I then had it framed without the glass.  
I use map pins that I found at the office supply store to mark all the places we've traveled alone and together, and our birth places are flagged.  I didn't realize we'd traveled so many places and I ran out of pins.  

It's been a great geography lesson for my favorite girls.  They like to look at it and hear stories about each individual pin.  I'm hoping that one day we can add pins for trips with the two of them.

I'm thinking my next map project will be with a globe to mark all of our international travel. I'd better get busy and get on a plane.  Are you off to somewhere fun this weekend? How do you document your travel?