Winter Fruit | Dried Apples

It's hard to find good fruit in the winter.  Apples and citrus fruits are good to eat, but sometimes a change up is in order to keep from getting bored.  Besides canning and freezing fruits to get you through the winter you can also dehydrate them.  There are many ways to do it, but if you can find a good, inexpensive dehydrator you can dry almost any food.   
This one came from a garage sale.  It's large and boxy but I have the space for it, and it has the motor on the back of the unit, which I find dries more efficiently than motors on the bottom of the unit. 
First I slice my apples fairly thin.  I like to use a variety because each one has a different flavor.  For this round I used Braeburn, Gala, and Pink Lady.  

After slicing them I quickly rinse them in water and lemon juice.  This keeps them from oxidizing and turning brown.  
I lay them out on the trays, turn on the unit and leave them to dry overnight.  I like them a little chewy so 12 hours is usually enough time for me.  If you like them crispy you can always add more time.  

Drying apples is quick and easy and they are a great snack alternative.  I pack mine in little boxes that can easily slip into my bag.  

Have you tried drying any food?  What other fruits or vegetables do you like dried?