10 Easy Vegetables To Grow In Any Space

Onion Start

I truly believe that you can grow a garden wherever you call home. If you think outside of the box, fruits and vegetables can be grown in containers, window sills, community gardens, or any grass space with sunlight. Never has there been a more perfect time to try your hand at gardening. If you truly want to know the origin of your food, start growing it yourself.

The following are ten easy vegetables to grow. I've included a link to the Old Farmer's Almanac for more detailed information about how to grow each individual plant.

1.   Beets | sow seed in spring or late summer
2.   Zucchini | sow seed in late spring
Carrots | sow seed in spring or late summer. deep, loose soil
Leaf Lettuce | sow seed or starts in early spring. lots of water
Beans | sow seed in late spring
6.   Onions | plant small starts in early spring
Peppers | plant after last frost
Radishes | sow seed in spring or fall
9.   Tomatoes | plant after last frost
10. Spinach | sow seed in spring or fall

When growing in any container, your soil quality is vital. Plants get all their nutrients from the soil. As you prepare your beds or containers keep in mind that you will most likely have to buy or make your own soil. Compost is an easy solution to nutrient rich soil and very affordable. If you are just starting out, your local feed store or gardening center will have it for sale. Your Local Cooperative Extension Office is also a great resource to see what type of soil is in your area, and what plants will grow well. They even offer soil testing kits if you plan to garden right in the ground.


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