Collections | Aprons

It hasn't been until recently that I've found an affinity for old aprons.  My collection has been growing due to the fact that I can find them pretty cheap at estate sales. An apron seems to say so much about a person's personality and sometimes their resourcefulness.  Some have detailed stitching and embroidery and others are made out of pillow cases or other fabric scraps.  Each one holds a story of a family in another time.  Dinners, holidays, and parties are threaded in every little flaw.  

These are a few of the favorites from my collection.  I particularly like aprons with big pockets.  I wear them to cook, garden, clean the house, and work in the studio.  The pockets hold anything I need in a moments notice.  

When my favorite girls comes over to make chocolate cookies they request an apron as well, so I had to find a few little versions.  

This little birdie apron has a lot of love.  It has holes and stains, but it is certainly a favorite that makes it hard to share between the two.  

Can you imagine the stories from the women that wore these aprons in their kitchens?