DIY Upholstered Chair

I've been saving this fabric for something special.  I rescued it from a box that was headed to the dumpster.  Oddly enough it turned up in our office one day.  The box was filled with fabric swatches, yarns, every size of knitting needle, and old family photos.  Since they didn't see a use for any of the contents the box was going to be tossed in the trash, but I saved it instead. This fabric is my favorite in the box.  I love the seventies color palette and wicker pattern.  I finally found a good use for it.  
I don't have a typical office chair in my studio.  I use this old barley twist dining chair because it makes me sit up straight, but it lacks a little color.  

I decided to pop out the seat and use the staple gun to recover it with this salvaged fabric.  I left the original leather and stretched the fabric right over the top.  It immediately added character to the chair and it only took me about ten minutes.  Why haven't I done this sooner?