The First Toll Road

On one of my many excursions into Oklahoma I ran across this old bridge.  The Red River divides Texas and the Okie state so that leaves little opportunity to cross over if you're not near a major highway.  I was lucky enough to run into Carpenters Bluff, and semi-abandoned community that still utilizes this old railroad bridge for commerce across the border. 
The bridge was built in 1910 to connect Texas to the lines running through Oklahoma with the intention of withstanding floods.  It rises high above the river, and includes a wagon shelf which is pictured in the second photo.  It was used for anyone traveling by horse, carriage, or on foot, and they had to pay a toll to cross. 

Since the decline in railway traffic the railroad deeded the bridge to the counties it connects.  It has since then been converted into a one lane road for cars, trucks, and tractors.  It's fairly beat up and a hub for local graffiti artists.  Driving across is a little scary, given its wobbly nature, but the view of the river is spectacular!  I never would have found it if I didn't take the unbeaten path.