Spring Break

Since I'm no longer in the academic world, spring break doesn't technically apply to me, but when my teacher friend called and asked to get away for a weekend we took her up on the offer.  There is no better place than a cabin in the woods to take a break.  A much needed break.  We loaded up the car and headed to a lake in Oklahoma via the casino.  I won $480 by the way.  Lucky break.
The cabin was wonderful.  It didn't have the best view but it was dark, quiet, and had a great porch.  Enough space to get me out of my head.    
We walked in the woods, laughing mostly, which was therapeutic for us all.  We found clover in the woods.  A good sign it was St. Patricks day.
We stumbled on wood tepee art in front of another cabin.  Is this natural or manmade?  I concluded it could go either way.  
We mediated by the creek after another soul subtly guided us to do so. 
We found signs of another life buried in years of sediment that is slowly coming to the surface.

That evening, I built a campfire and pondered the fire*side reflection while I spoke with my friend.  In our former lives we built campfires in my backyard every Friday night.  It was routine, restorative and mandatory to our emotional survival.  Sitting around the campfire with her was like going back to a former self.  One that I miss dearly.  It was if I had traveled so far and yet had never left that self.  I found myself asking why I didn't do this more?  Why, if it's so important to me, does it get pushed to the bottom of the list.  After errands, and chores, and life.  Has something better replaced it?  
The next morning we arose, and we did nothing.  We watched, listened, read, and spoke not a word. This break was breaking me.  Breaking the door on the thoughts I've been trying to push back. Whispering to find that old self in new clothes.
We packed up the car and headed back to the city.  The cabin and that girl in rear view.  I wonder if I have to wait until next year to find her again.

How was your spring break?